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In addition to initial vocational training, the Sector training Center of Borj-Cedria in the Transport and Logistics Jobs offers a range of continuing education courses for companies in the transport sector and related sectors, namely:


Road Driving –  Rational Driving.

–  Corrective Conduct.

–  Economic driving.

–  Mastery of energy.

–  Maintenance of administrative vehicles and recycling of drivers.

Warehouse Management –  Storekeeper / Pointer Training.

–  Dimensioning of the warehouse.

–  Organization of a storage area.

–  Storage and product.

Operation and Maintenance of Handling Equipment –  Driving of handling equipment.

–  Use of manual handling equipment.

–  Maintenance of handling equipment.

Road Transport Management –  The rules of national and international transport.

–  Fleet management of road vehicles.

–  Transportation rules for dangerous goods (parcels, tanks)

Multimodal Transport – The terms of international trade.

–  Transport auxiliaries.

–  Transport pricing.

–  Feasibility study of a transport operation.

–  Litigation file processing.

Distribution Logistics –  Logistics Optimization.

–  Management of movements and displacements.

–  SCM global logistics management.

–  Management of external transports.

–  Distribution logistics.


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