Road Transport Technician (BTP-TTR)

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Road Transport Technician (BTP-TTR)

In constant contact with principals and drivers, he manages the human and material resources necessary for carrying out national and international transport operations, under the responsibility of the line manager.

This sedentary administrative job is practiced in road transport companies and companies carrying out transport for their own account. It requires the use of telematic and computer tools.

The tasks of the profession:

The Road Transport Technician must be able to:

  1. Create a supplier file and a client file.
  2. Study the feasibility of the transport operation.
  3. Manage transportation operations.
  4. Deal with litigation / accident files.
  5. Manage a fleet of vehicles
  6. Highlight issues related to transportation operations


Mode and duration of training:

The training of the technician in road transport, which lasts two years, is provided alternately between periods in the center and others to the companies of the sector.

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