The project was created as part of the upgrading of the vocational training sector and the transport sector. The realization of the project was possible thanks to a partnership with the National Federation of Transport (FNT) within the framework of a technical committee of the project.
Start date of the training: September 2001. with 210 trainees.
Project cost : about 6 million dinars.
Financing: project co-financed with the French Development Agency.
Launching Total Capacity: 560 trainees.

The Project Objectives

Meet the needs of companies in qualification for:
- Training of transport and logistics staff.
- Creation of new specialties and development of practicing staff.

Training Specialties

Specialties Qualification Training Mode Duration of the training
Driving C. A. P Residential 1 year
Handling Agent Alternate
Warehouse Agent
Multimodal Transport Technician B. T. P. 2 years
Road Transport Technician
Logistician of Distribution B. T. S

(BTP) PTC: Professional Technician Certificate / (CAP) CPA: Certificate of Professional Ability

(BTS) STC: Senior Technician Certificate


The training repository is developed according to the competency-based approach following Work Situation Analysis workshops -WSA- in collaboration with professionals in the sector.

The repository includes: a (SP) study program, an (EG) educational guide, an (EG) evaluation guide and a (MEOG) material and educational organization guide.